Lib-Dems fight for temporary library in Market

November 09.Southport Liberal Democrats are fighting for the central library to be moved to vacant space in the indoor Market. There is sufficient space for a near-normal range of library services.

The joint Conservative-Labour decision to just close the main library for three years without any town centre alternative is not acceptable. The local libraries simply cannot cope - least of all the already-cramped Churchtown library.

We have launched a public petition and hundreds of people have signed it within a few days as campaigners stood outside the library seeking backing for our "Library in the Market" solution.

Our scheme would be a "win,win" solution. It would provide a convenient town-centre library plus be a boost for the stallholders in the market because there are are several hundred thousand visits to the central library every year - a surge of people popping into the building which must be good for business.

To sign the petition online please go to: and follow the link.