Sefton residents could be getting plastics and cardboard collected door-to-door under future new recycling ideas being discussed at a council Environmental meeting this month on Friday 26 February.

The borough-wide recycling scheme is currently carried out for the council by a private company whose contract expires at the end of March next year and various future options and possible colection method changes are being put forward now.

Meols ward councillor David Tattersall is the cabinet member for the Environment and writes: " Kerbside collection of plastic and cardboard is what residents and councillors all want and everyone is doing their best to make sure we get it this time at a sensible price."

Alternative new schemes being considered include possibly providing residents with a third wheelie bin for mixed recyclable material - bottles, cans, paper, plastic and cardboard all co-mingled - as well as conducting a new competitive tender for company bids to provide the existing kerbside sort service, with plastic and cardboard added.

David adds: " Recycling is a very challenging financial and operational balancing act with many different ways of doing things and it's not cheap.  But with the government's landfill tax now £48 a tonne, boosting recycling is vital to save money, apart from its environmental importance, even though recycling itself nowhere near covers its cost."

We'll keep everyone informed when there's news.  The Meols ward FOCUS team of councillors - David Rimmer, John Dodd and David Tattersall - will continue to press for plastics and cardboard to be added to the system.