Is it right that governments can be formed by a political party with three out of five voters preferring its opponents ? That's exactly what happened, for example, in 1974 when Labour won an absolute parliamentary majority with less than forty per cent of the vote.

Our outdated "first past the post" voting system consistently produces governments that are supported by only a minority of voters.  No wonder people feel that their votes don't count. It must be time for us to have a fair proportional voting system, as already exists in the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly.

At the last general election here's how many votes it took to elect an MP:

Labour 27,000
Conservative 44,000
Liberal Democrat 96,000

This is why on May 6th it is perfectly possible for Labour to win more seats than any other party and still be the biggest group in the House of Commons, in spite of its unpopularity.

Out of almost 200 worldwide countries, only around 40 use our "first past the post" voting system. Most of them being our former colonies.

Critics of proportional representation never point to the success and stability of countries like Germany, Finland, Sweden, Austria, New Zealand  and so many others who use a fair voting method and which operate on cooperation and consensus among politicians.