Churchtown Crossens buzzed by large jet aircraft

A low-flying plane was a surprise visitor to the skies over our part of Southport. Had the flight path to Blackpool been changed ?  The mystery was solved when it turned out to be a military aircraft from BAE Systems airfield at Warton.

Keen plane-spotters will have been overjoyed to spot this classic British-made VC10 aeroplane, still in service with the RAF for transport and air-to-air refuelling.  Passengers who are old enough to have once flown in this amazingly quiet and comfortable jet with BOAC (see image), the forerunner of British Airways, still regard it as their favourite flight experience.

It's being flown circuits in our area as part of system tests which will last a couple of days. It would be great to get this pioneer jet aircraft at Southport Air Show - something we're taking up with the council organisers !