An electric car can travel 100 kms on a £1.20 full charge !  There's a government climate change fund for fitting convenient plug-in power points and the council is planning to bid for it. The chances of success are looking good, we're told.  Southport, being flat, is ideal for electic cars which emit up to 40 per cent less CO2. The bid was agreed at an Environmental meeting (30 June 2010)

A number of leading motor manufacturers are poised to announce improved electric vehicles. Nissan plans to have its new 5-seater car ready by Spring 2011.

Southport has a proud pioneering transport history.  We had the most extensive network of trams of any town in the country. It was claimed that no resident was more than 5 minutes walk from a tram stop.  Locally, the frontage of the homes close to Ely Mews, Little Cambridge Rd, Churchtown, reflect the original design of the long-closed tram shed on the site.

An early motor car pioneer company back in the 1800s was the Vulcan vehicle company at Crossens, sited alongside the Rufford Road bridge.  World car speed record attempts took place on the beach which was also used for the take-offs of some of the very earliest aircraft.