Local residents have given an overwhelming "thumbs down" to the crazy idea of blocking off this important local road at Roe Lane as part of a traffic-calming scheme for cyclists.  That's the end of that part of the project, thank goodness. 

It would have led to all kinds of difficulties and created even more traffic on already heavily-congested Norwood Avenue and the busy Lane Ends junction, which has a poor accident record already.

The latest development is a council officers report which now includes a suggested  zebra crossing on Roe Lane close to the junction with Hesketh Drive. Again residents will be consulted about the detailed plans which we are currently examining.

We are concerned that there is proper widespread consultation and not just contact with a few residents living very close to the crossing.  This is something that we shall be taking up with the council.  The Hesketh Drive/Roe Lane/Wennington Road junction is very busy and how traffic will cope safely with a zebra crossing at this point is somewhat dubious and needs to be carefully assessed.