Merseyrail saga - latest

The continuing saga of Labour's games on Merseytravel took another turn at last night's meeting of Sefton Council.

Lib Dem councillors proposed a motion to try to get to the bottom of why Labour-controlled Merseytravel had suddenly abandoned plans for Merseyrail to take control over its own track. The plans had all-party support and £1.5 million had already been spent. But at a meeting on 27th June Labour suddenly pulled the plug without notice and without giving any explanation. We have been trying to get to the bottom of this ever since.

Lib Dem Leader on Sefton, Cllr Tony Robertson, takes up the story. He writes:

"Last night at Sefton's Full Council meeting we may have started to unravel what on earth went on within Merseyside’s Integrated Transport Authority when it dropped, out of the blue I would add, any involvement in bringing Merseyrail’s infrastructure under its own control.

"So what did I learn from putting the motion, which unsurprisingly Labour voted down. Well I learned that The Labour Chairman of Merseytravel is at odd with his Director General over the matter as Cllr. Dowd (senior) told us all that he disagreed with Mersytravel’s officers over the project. Bear in mind that Cllr. Dowd has previously supported it!"