Save Southport Tourism

Liberal Democrats in Southport are calling for local residents to help save the resort’s tourism industry.

As part of the drive to save £20 million next year, Sefton Council is looking at all its services to see if savings can be made. One proposal is to review the Council’s Tourism function with the “possible outcome of ceasing to provide a Tourism service”. The consultation process is shortly coming to an end.

John Dodd
John Dodd said: “Tourism is vital to jobs and to the economy generally in Southport.  Research shows that tourism is worth hundreds of millions of pounds a year to the local economy, and supports 5000 jobs. Sefton Council plays a key role in supporting this essential industry by promoting events and attracting conferences which are vital to hotels and other businesses in Southport, and by operating the Tourist Information Centre.

"I appreciate that many residents and those involved in the sector have already responded to the consultation, but I am also asking others, as one of their New Year’s Resolutions, to find 10 minutes this week to go on-line and express their views about this service which is so essential to the well-being of our town.”

You can help to save the Southport Tourism Service by responding to the consultation on Sefton Council's website here. The consultation closes on the 13th of January.