Replacement of low pressure gas mains

National Grid have a programme of replacing low pressure gas mains in the area. We have received the following information from Balfour Beatty, who are the contractors for this work.

"We have a programme of works in your area that are due to run from 1st April to the end of August  2014.

"The work will be carried out by BALFOUR BEATTY in partnership with National Grid, the works are essential to improve local supplies.

"The project involves replacing the metal gas mains with new plastic pipe. For gas users, this may involve interruption to their gas supply.

"We are, as a contractor, always looking to improve and become far more proactive with our engagement with the local councils, businesses and, of course, residents.

"Those properties whose gas supply to the properties are to be affected will have received a letter approx. 90 days and 10 days prior to commencement of works.

"Properties affected by this works are on the following roads:-

Rathmore Crescent
Lexton Drive
Highfield Road
Poolside Walk
Ribble Avenue
Douglas Road
Holmdale Avenue
Asland Gardens
Roselea Drive