Crossens Village To Have A Christmas Tree After An Absence Of Over 20 Years

Local Councillors John Dodd and Nigel Ashton have thanked Crossens Community Association for contributing £750 towards the installation cost of a Christmas tree for the village.

The tree will be erected on Wednesday the 23rd November in front of Crossens Methodist Church in the heart of Crossens village. It is over 20 years since Crossens last had its own community Christmas tree.

Councillor Nigel Ashton said “I am delighted that Crossens Methodist Church have agreed that the Christmas tree can be installed in their grounds. We, as local councillors, will pay the remainder of the cost from our Area Committee allocation. We have also arranged to fund the lights, which will be exclusive to the Crossens tree and can be reused in future years

Elaine Price, Chair of Crossens Community Association said “We are very pleased to contribute towards the Christmas tree. It shows organisations in the village working together for the good of the local community”.