Southport Library update

Dateline:  Autumn 2009. We can now update readers on the news item below about the search for a replacement location for Southport Library if and when the major arts centre/library/art gallery modernisation scheme goes ahead and the current library has to close temporarily.

David Rimmer, John Dodd and David Tattersall joined other Southport Lib-Dem councillors earlier this year (2009) to look at various possible sites. There must be a town centre library. That's the starting point.

Also, we are firmly of the view that the Indoor Market would be the best solution. It's a "win,win" solution. There are well over 100,000 visits to Southport Library a year and the market traders could well do with that number of people going to the building - and also using the opportunity to use the market.

The market needs basic work done - electrical re-wiring and better heating etc - and this could be done now while retaining the future ambition to create a completely new-look market. Money invested in this kind of improvement would not be wasted. Spending hundreds of thousands in buildings which the council does not own does not make much sense.

The indoor market, like so many other retail businesses, is facing challenging times and a number of traders have quit their stalls. Do pop in and support this traditional part of Southport's shopping scene.