The Ancient Egyptians are here in Southport


A fascinating new exhibition has just opened at The Atkinson gallery, part of the transformed library and theatre performing arts complex adjacent to the Town Hall on Lord Street.

 It's a free chance to see what life was like in Ancient Egypt thousands of years ago.  On display is a beautiful painted sarcophagus that's around 3000 years old, a full size mummy, wonderful intricate jewellery and beadwork, plus everyday objects like sandals, baskets, toys and perfume storage bottles.

All well worth a visit with lots of interactive activities for all the family with fun things for kids to do.  Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 10.00am - 4.00pm.  Sunday 11.00am - 3.00pm.

In another part of the gallery there's a special exhibition of photographs and paintings of Southport in days gone by many of which you will not have seen before.  These rare early pictures of our town were unearthed and discovered during the reconstruction work to create the new Atkinson.

Councillors Advice Centre - Saturday 14th June

Meols Ward Lib Dem Councillors John Dodd, Nigel Ashton and Jo Barton are holding their next advice centre on Saturday 14th June, from 11 am to 12 noon at St John's Primary School, Rufford Road, Crossens.

We will be there to meet you and discuss any Council problems you may have. No appointment necessary. Just pop in.

We hold our advice centre at St John's School, Rufford Road, Crossens every month (except August) on the second Saturday of the month.

We also hold a monthly advice centre in Churchtown, at Cafe Moo Moo on Cambridge Road (by the junction with Preston New Road, next to Boots) on the fourth Thursday of every month (except December) from 10:30 - 11:30 am.

End of an era for historic Churchtown Library

Despite a huge effort to save the well used and much loved Churchtown Library, including a 4,000 signature petition, Sefton Council were determined to close our library.
Churchtown Library being demolished. Photo credit Tom Sandham.

Churchtown Library shut its doors for the last time in November. Now the building has suffered the final indignity, as residents have watched it being slowly demolished over the last few weeks.

The only thing left is for the Council to sell the site off, although whether Sefton will recoup the £70,000 cost of demolishing the library remains to be seen.
Councillor Nigel Ashton outside Churchtown Library in happier times

Lib Dem coffee morning on Saturday

Nigel Ashton leads sponsored walk to raise funds for a new library

Nigel Ashton was pleased to lead the recent sponsored walk to raise money for the North Meols Library Association. The aim is open a community 'Library in the Park' at Botanic Gardens, following the closure of Churchtown Library by Sefton Council.
Councillor Nigel Ashton with library campaigners at the end of the sponsored walk

The sponsored walk was held in conjunction with local businesses along the route from Churchtown library to the pavilion in the Gardens, also the North Meols Civic Society and the Botanic Gardens Community Association.

The Library Association are planning a walk from the old Crossens library to the pavilion in the summer and may even walk from the site of Wennington Road Library, passing Churchtown Library on the way. The sooner we have our own library run by the community the better.

Jo Barton wins election

Jo Barton has been successfully elected as the new Liberal Democrat councillor for Meols Ward, Southport - the area covering Churchtown, Crossens and Marshside.

The full result, which was declared at the Southport election count at Dunes Leisure Centre on Friday morning is:

Jo Barton, Liberal Democrat 1,177
UKIP 976
Conservative 630
Labour 332
Southport Party 277
Green Party 117

The results for every ward in Sefton are available on the Council's website.

Cllr Jo Barton pictured at the election count with fellow ward councillors John Dodd and Nigel Ashton

Vote for Jo Barton - Thursday 22nd May

The local council election on Thursday May 22nd is about choosing the best person to fight for our local area. Jo Barton is a hard-working campaigner who gets things done.
Jo Barton, Liberal Democrat candidate for Meols Ward, Southport

Our local Liberal Democrat team has a long record of action. They are a team that works together, a team that listens to residents, and a team that keeps in touch.

Many local residents say that they appreciate getting the Lib Dem FOCUS newsletters, which are delivered regularly throughout the area. In fact, the Meols Focus has been going for 30 years, proving that Liberal Democrats don’t just appear at election time.

Jo Barton is a key member of the Meols Lib Dem team, working alongside councillors John Dodd and Nigel Ashton. To keep the strongest Lib Dem team working for residents of Southport's Meols Ward - vote for Jo Barton on Thursday May 22nd

Voting information: The polls are open from 7 am to 10 pm on Thursday 22nd May. You do not need your polling card to vote. You can find out where your polling station is by ringing Sefton Council on 0845 140 1049.

Jo Barton's letter to electors in Churchtown, Crossens and Marshside

Dear Resident,

As your Liberal Democrat candidate in the local council election, I want to let you know a bit about myself and the issues I care about.

I was brought up in Hesketh Bank, and lived and worked in Southport until I moved to Devon with my young family. While there I served a full term as a councillor, including Chair of the Environment Committee and Chair of the County Neighbourhood Watch Association.
Jo Barton, Liberal Democrat candidate

I moved back home to Southport several years ago to be near to my parents. My children go to Larkfield, Stanley and Greenbank schools.

Since moving back here I've taken on several voluntary roles in the community, including Chair of Governors at Crossens Nursery School. I'm a member of the North Meols Civic Society, and I'm on the committee of the Crossens Community Association.

Green issues are close to my heart and I'm particularly pleased about the campaign to introduce cardboard and plastic recycling. I started this campaign with an article in the Visiter in January 2012. However, Sefton Council still won't collect some plastic such as yoghurt pots, and I won't rest until we have full recycling.

Last summer I helped to fight off Labour's plan to charge £46 a year to empty the green bins. I am keeping a watchful eye to make sure they don't try to sneak this back in the future.

I played a major part in the campaign to save Churchtown Library, helping to collect over 4,000 petition signatures. Sefton Council just wouldn't listen. I'm now involved with the group working to open a community library in Botanic Gardens.

David Rimmer is retiring as a Councillor, and with your support I hope to take his place alongside Councillors John Dodd and Nigel Ashton – delivering all year round for our community.

Thanks and best wishes,

Jo Barton
Liberal Democrat Candidate, Meols Ward

Jo Barton says "Let's clean up Southport"

Local campaigner Jo Barton is passionate about cleaning up our town. Jo recently helped to organise the big clean up at Kew Roundabout.
Jo Barton (left) with some of the clean up volunteers

John Pugh MP is standing for Southport at the General Election

Liberal Democrat John Pugh MP has announced that he will be standing again for Southport in next year's general election.

John says "I have thought very hard about this, because it is an honour and a huge responsibility to try to represent Southport and certainly not a right.

"I see myself essentially as part of a dedicated team of activists and councillors who continue to seek positive change for our town.

"Although I am the obvious link with government and Westminster, I am re-assured that neither my local colleagues nor my constituents will expect me now to change and become an obedient party clone in these difficult times.

"Stupid, partisan, un-constructive, tribal politics for decades has held back this country, messed up public services and delayed the revival of the north.

"I want to continue the fight against it because sadly it is still there in all parts of the Commons' chamber and in the town hall. Worthwhile grown-up politics is always about the common good not common abuse.

"You can try to be a catalyst for change or put up with stupidity. My choice in life has usually been the former."