More than 7,000 people have signed the petition, launched by the Liberal Democrats. Pictured are members and helpers outside the library.

On 9 December, we tried to get Conservative and Labour to change their minds at a special meeting that we called at Southport Town Hall. But, yet again, they combined to defeat our attempt to secure a rethink on the idea of using the unoccupied part of Southport Indoor Market as a temporary library.

Well-known Southport actress Jean Alexander (who played Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street) came to the meeting to tell councillors why she opposed the idea of our town having to do without a town centre library for the next 3 years.

We felt we won the argument and demonstrated that it would not cost nearly as much as others have claimed in order to justify their opposition to the "Library in the Market" plan.

The campaign continues.... See post below about how to sign up.