This is one of the front page headlines in The Times today (April 14) based on its latest poll.  The story says: " More voters are now hoping for a hung Parliament than either a Tory or a Labour outright victory."

Far from fears about the General Election failing to give any political party a majority, there are increasing signs that the public think that the time has come for all parties to work together in the national interest, given the seriousness of our financial situation and the challenges that we all face.  This would produce consensus politics with no single party able to bulldoze its own ideas through Parliament.

This is not an unusual situation in British politics.  For example, there are dozens of councils - including Sefton - where  no single party has overall control and politicians just work together , deciding issues on their merits.

On Sefton, it often happens that Labour and Tory vote together.  For example, on their  decision - against our strong opposition - not to provide a temporary Southport town centre library when the current building is closed for up to 3 years. 

Liberal Democrats, armed with our 7000-strong public protest petition, did however fight against this, found a suitable building ( vacant space at the Southport Visiter), conducted initial negotiations with the property owners, produced an outline financial plan.....and finally got the Tories to change their minds., so the project could go ahead.

If  the Sefton Conservative councillors had had total control of the council with a majority of votes, it is highly unlikely that we could have saved the library.