Latest news is being posted on the Sefton council web site including full details of which roads are gritted. More than 200 miles of road throughout the borough are being regularly gritted. But, even with special additives, gritting loses its effectiveness in the exceptional sub-zero temperatures, as national news bulletins have explained.

All this is very well, but it does not explain how some of our most important roads and shopping areas are still dangerous.  We were told after last winter's snowfall problems that lessons would be learned, but this has not been the case.  We share the exasperation of residents at the condition of our town's roads and pavements, especially in the town centre which, above all, should not be in such a dreadful state.

There must be a detailed review and inquest into why this has happened again and to make sure that in future the council performs a great deal better.

On a financial note there has been no cut in the budget provided to deal with these kind of weather problems, in spite of the fact that the council has to reduce its total spending by millions of pounds. This was suggested as a possible saving, but was rejected by councillors earlier this year.

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