No parking charges at Botanic Gardens

Rumours that Sefton Council are planning to charge motorists using the Botanic Gardens car park have been denied point blank.

"There is no truth whatsoever in the suggestion that a 'pay and display' scheme is planned for the Verulam Road car park used by visitors to Botanic Gardens", says Lib Dem councillor John Dodd. "I have had confirmation from a senior council officer that neither the Leisure and Tourism or Highways departments are pursuing pay and display at this car park."

Nigel Ashton adds "We have no idea how this rumour started. The council can't introduce new parking charges without the agreement of elected councillors."

"The idea of charging at Botanic Gardens car park is a total non-starter. Verulam Road car park is used by parents collecting their children from Churchtown Primary school, which is one of the biggest junior schools in the country. If a parking charge was introduced people would just park on surrounding residential roads, causing absolute chaos. This is a road safety issue as much as anything."