Protecting our open space

Land between Blundell Lane and Three Pools must be kept as Green Belt, insist local Lib Dem councillors Nigel Ashton, John Dodd and David Rimmer.

Sefton Council's Green Belt survey has identified the land, which is near Bankfield Lane in Meols Ward, as potentially suitable for housing development. The three Lib Dem councillors for Meols have put forward a powerful submission to Sefton explaining in detail why the land is unsuitable for housing and must be retained as Green Belt.

Flood risk – the area is in a flood zone. Sefton's own flood risk prevention strategy warns against inappropriate development. Climate change will make things worse.

Agriculture – the land is prime farming land. We need to grow more of our own food. There is a strategic national interest in preserving good farming land.

Wildlife – the area is a recognised Local Wildlife Site.

There will be further consultation on Sefton Council's Core Strategy and the Green Belt in 2012, before the final plan is approved in 2013. The Meols Lib Dem councillors will be vigilant in continuing to oppose inappropriate development on this land.