New Lib Dem Leader attacks Bootle Labour takeover

Councillor Iain Brodie Browne, newly elected leader of the 20-strong Lib Dem opposition group on Sefton Council, has spoken out against the Bootle takeover of the Council.

Following Labour's success in the local elections in winning seats in Sefton Central and Bootle, although none in Southport, Sefton Labour Leader Cllr Peter Dowd has announced his new Cabinet  - and every Cabinet member is a Bootle Labour councillor.

"I am appalled at the lack of geographical balance in the all-powerful Cabinet," said Cllr Brodie Browne. "Before Labour gained overall control of the Council the Cabinet comprised 4 councillors from Southport, 2 from Sefton Central and 4 from Bootle. It is now 100% from Bootle."

"More than a third of the Labour Group comes from Sefton Central - places like Crosby, Maghull and Formby, but not a single one of those has been appointed to the Cabinet. When people in those places voted Labour in early May, did they realise they were handing over complete control to Bootle Labour councillors?"

Former Lib Dem leader, now deputy leader, Cllr Tony Robertson also voiced his concern: "Is it simply 'Old Labour', as they like to call themselves, looking after long serving Bootle members? Yes, I am sure it was but that's no way to run a diverse Borough like Sefton. All those Sefton Central Labour councillors clearly have no clout when up against the Bootle Comrades."