Crime Alert message

Please be aware of callers who ask to enter your home and give various reasons for their request.

Merseyside Police and Sefton Home Watch have issued the following 'Crime Alert' message to residents of Southport:

"Recently a male in his late 20s dressed in a duffle coat and jeans, called at a house in the Garstang Road area of Southport, asking if he could enter the property to read the meter. After his visit items from the house appeared to be missing."

Before allowing anyone you do not know into your property please check:
    -  Are you expecting a stranger to call at your door?
    -  Check their Identity badge
    -  Always stay with a stranger that enters your property
    -  See them to the door when they leave and close the door behind them
    -  If in doubt keep them out 

Contact numbers:
Police Local Neighbourhood teams - Tel. 101
Margaret Jepson, Sefton Home Watch Adviser - Tel. 0151 777 3419