Labour's New Chase Heys Closure  Plan

Proposals before Sefton Cabinet to close down Day Care places at Chase Heys, Churchtown, rather than at Brookdale, Ainsdale, seem to be just a different way of cutting down the service,says a Southport Councillor. Liberal Democrat Adult Health and Care spokesperson, Cllr Tony Dawson says: "As before, the total number of places available will be reduced but the Council claims that there will be increased provision because a massive increase in efficiency which they say will happen. "I have asked the Cabinet Member, Paul Cummins, for any documents which might show how this increase in efficiency is remotely possible. Are there other Local Authorities anywhere in Britain achieving these levels of throughput and, if so, what have they been doing that Sefton Council have not been doing? Why have we not been working in the same way?" "As with the Botanic Gardens, these service cutbacks are being made because the Bootle Labour Councillors refuse to cut back on their own allowances, on the number of Councillors and on the level of Payment of Special Responsibility Allowances to Councillors whose committees often only meet for four or five minutes at a time or get cancelled for lack of business. It is wrong to pretend that services are expanding when they are almost certainly going to be reduced." "I am still waiting for someone to explain to me the true reasoning behind the original decision to close down Brookdale which was only reversed because of the heroic level of public pressure. I have a feeling that we shall never be told.