Wrong sign to Ormskirk: Council action being taken

December 09. This new sign has recently popped up on Cambridge Road for traffic heading north to Preston New Road (see Emmanuel Church in the background) By the time vehicles from town have reached this point they will have passed numerous other roads that would take them much more quickly, and conveniently, to Ormskirk.
 This sign directs down Hesketh Drive and means that vehicles will have to make a difficult right turn at the junction with Roe Lane...and turn back on themselves to reach the turn off to Ormskirk down Norwood Avenue !  Illogical !!
Hesketh Drive is unsuitable because, unlike any other alternative roads, it has a busy parade of shops and many pedestrians crossing the road to get to the post office.   From a road safety point of view this is not a sensible sign.
We are arranging a site visit with a council officer who deals with road signs and taking him on a tour of other local road signs that need to be changed and improved.