Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ! And refuse/recycling information !

Dec 09. Between December 15th and January 15th, grey wheelie bins will be collected every week - that's to cope with all the extra waste over the festive period.

The green wheelie bin garden waste collection is suspended for the same period.

Please put out your green recycling box every week, as usual. Lots of bottles and cans at this time of the year !

The main change is that nearly all collections will be a day earlier than usual during the final week leading up to Christmas.  This is so that everybody gets their grey bin emptied before December 25 so that there's room for the extra rubbish. For example,if your normal collection day is Wednesday and you usually put it out on Tuesday evening, ready for collection the following day, instead put out your wheelie bin on Monday night, ready for collection on Tuesday.