Background to the refuse/recycling delays

Apart from the dangerous icy weather, Sefton council couldn't collect refuse for a significant period because the places where they unload waste couldn't take any more rubbish.  The council deals with collecting refuse. Vehicles go to two "tip" sites - Foul Lane, Southport and Gillmoss, Liverpool - where they unload.

All Sefton's waste is then dealt with by a private contractor, Veolia, which manages the "tips" for the Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority, the body responsible for getting rid of all the waste collected in the region.


The refuse is taken onwards by Veolia for burying at a landfill site near Warrington. But this was closed for some time because of the conditions. The whole operation therefore backed up. Both Foul Lane and Gillmoss couldn't  store any more of the waste collected by Sefton.

Refuse vehicles were stranded in the council depots completely full of rubbish and this was a significant frustrating cause of the delay in emptying wheelie bins.