At long last the Lib-Dem campaign to get a replacement service while the existing library is closed for up to 3 years as part of the Cultural Centre project will come to a conclusion at the Sefton ruling Cabinet meeting on Thursday 4 March starting at 10.00 at Southport Town Hall.   The crucial meeting is open to the public. 

A team of our councillors, including Meols ward's David Tattersall, researched possible properties and opened up negotiations with a very promising new town centre option before passing on its research findings to council officers to take forward.

Everything hinges on the votes of the Conservatives who voted against a temporary town centre service together with Labour.   But the force of our 7,000-strong public petition was a wake up call for them and, under pressure, they eventually changed their minds and supported our proposal demanding a replacement in the centre of town.  This was after the leading Southport Conservative councillor on the Cabinet - in fact, the only Southport Tory on the committee - defended her unpopular decision on Granada TV as "a risk" she had to take.