Southport featured in "Private Eye"

Extract from current issue of the "Private Eye" magazine in its section about mishaps in the General Election.

Pity Conservative parliamentary candidate Brenda Porter.  Not only did she have her campaign billboards defaced, but local paper the Southport Champion began its report on the vandalism by describing her as "Southport paramilitary candidate."  Not quite the image the touchy-feely Cameronite Tories wanted to project.

When we spotted this mistake in the Champion we certainly had sympathy for Cllr Porter, coming as it did at a sensitive time near to the election.  All politicians had to cope with poster vandalism.  In Meols ward there were a number of incidents. Our Liberal Democrat garden stakes were attacked, stolen, defaced, and one was set on fire, setting a fence alight - a blaze that the fire service had to attend to in the early hours of the morning.