Cllr John Dodd welcomes traffic calming measures for Bankfield Lane / Rufford Road

Cllr John Dodd has welcomed the proposed speed management scheme for Bankfield Lane and Rufford Road. Reduction in speeding traffic should provide a safer environment for residents and visitors to the area. Measures are proposed to address vehicles travelling at  high speed following 22 accidents that have occurred along Bankfield Lane and Rufford Road.

In addition, there have been several collisions resulting in damage to property, particularly at the bottom of Bankfield  Lane bridge. Cllr Dodd went on to say that automatic traffic counts have shown that speed is high along the route, with 1 in 7 vehicles travelling at over 36 miles per hour on Rufford Road.

Cllr Dodd said that Sefton Council delivered 268 consultation packs to residents and businesses in Rufford Road and Bankfield Lane. Over half the consultation forms were returned, an exceptionally high response. Of the replies, 6 in 10 were favourable to the proposed scheme and a number of very positive comments were made.

Cllr Dodd also welcomed the much improved zebra crossing on Rufford Road. The elevated zebra crossing will also reduce traffic speed and the new lighting units to the poles will give advanced warning of the crossing which, in turn, results in slower approach speed and the reduced risk of collisions on the crossing.

Councillors will vote on introducing the new speeding measures at the Southport Area Committee meeting on Wednesday 28th September.