Labour in the driving seat as Sefton consults on £20 Million cuts

Sefton Council has published plans to consult residents on the savings that will have to be made to balance the books next year (the financial year 2012/13)

Labour are the largest party on the Council and Labour has the responsibility for proposing the budget. So far, they are taking their responsibility seriously and have put forward a list of potential cuts totalling £25 Million. From this, the final list of £20 Million worth of cuts for next year will be decided after public consultation.

The Liberal Democrats will scrutinise the proposals put forward by Labour and respond to them accordingly. We welcome the views of residents, community groups and organisations.

However, what Labour have not mentioned is whether they will reinstate the cuts they voted and campaigned against last time. The Labour Party made some pretty big promises before the last local elections.

There are no Labour councillors in Southport, whereas all the councillors in Bootle are Labour. Will Labour try to load the cuts on to Southport in order to protect 'their' voters in Bootle? Your Lib Dem councillors will be vigilant in trying to stop this from happening. Watch this space!