Concern over Labour's Southport cuts

Local Lib Dem councillors remain concerned about a number of cuts included in council budget proposals from the controlling Sefton Labour Group.

Three main areas where Labour's cuts will particularly hit Southport are tourism, the fernery and aviary at Botanic Gardens, and charges to sports clubs. Although the Tourist Information Centre itself looks safe for now, Labour's proposals still call for a cut of £27,000 in the tourism marketing budget. The Lib Dems are calling for that cut to be over-turned.

On Botanic Gardens, John Dodd said "I share the widespread concern about the impact closure of the Botanic Gardens fernery and aviary would have. With my colleagues, I have been fighting to save these precious resources. I am pleased that many councillors now agree with us that the fernery and aviary should be saved."

The Labour budget also proposes massive increases in charges to local sports clubs. John Dodd added "In some cases sports clubs will have to pay over 300% more. This is simply far too much. We are calling for a much smaller increase, and for any extra charges to be staggered over two years."