Jo Barton sees red over green waste

Local Lib Dem candidate Jo Barton has hit out at Sefton Council for what she sees as a patronising attitude towards recycling. Jo saw red when she found out that a Sefton Cabinet member was boasting about Sefton achieving a 40% recycling rate.

Jo, who is recycling enthusiast, said "I believe Southport should be leading the way as a Green Town and recycling should be at the top of that agenda.
Cllr John Dodd and Jo Barton support recycling
"Recent figures published by Sefton Council claim that we now recycle 40% of our waste, but I take issue with the Cabinet member for thinking that is something to be proud of.

"I believe with the right measures we can easily raise our recycling rate to 60% or even higher. However our record for what we recycle is much worse than it should be as the Council does not collect cardboard and plastics at the kerbside.

"In Lancashire our counterparts currently do take cardboard and plastic bottles and in Wigan the council there also takes plastic containers such as margarine tubs, yoghurt pots and food trays.

"I would like to see Sefton Council copy Wigan in that regard and commence full kerbside collection as soon as possible.

"There is no excuse for Sefton not to take cardboard and plastic waste and their refusal is leading to many residents having to take regular loads to the recycling centres themselves by car which is costing them money for fuel and adding to CO2 emissions.

"It is ridiculous to be congratulating people when, according to a survey carried out in conjunction with Larkfield Primary School pupils, 98% of residents are in favour of recycling and want to see their plastics and cardboard taken at the kerbside.