3 reasons to vote Lib Dem in Churchtown, Crossens and Marshside on Thursday May 7th

1 – Green Belt

Nigel Ashton with John Pugh and John Dodd
Cllr Nigel Ashton has led the Lib Dem campaign to save our local Green Belt for the last three years. Labour’s Local Plan threatens to cover many acres of green belt with concrete and tarmac. What have the Conservatives done? Nothing.

2 – Churchtown Library

Nigel Ashton led the campaign to save Churchtown Library

Cllr Nigel Ashton led the campaign to save Churchtown Library and was the founding Chair of the North Meols Library Association, working to open a community-run library in Botanic Gardens. The Bootle-dominated Labour Party closed down three local libraries in Southport. They kept three libraries open in the Bootle constituency.

3 – Botanic Gardens 

When the Bootle Labour Party pushed through the latest round of cuts at the Botanic, John Pugh and the local Lib Dems collected a massive 5000 signature petition against this. Councillor Nigel Ashton spoke out against the Botanic cuts in the Council chamber. The Conservatives did nothing.

Vote Lib Dem on May 7th to re-elect John Pugh as MP for Southport and Nigel Ashton as Councillor for Meols Ward