Double yellow lines threat to Hesketh Drive shops

Months ago we picked up local rumours that Sefton council snoopers had been spotted looking at the road junctions onto Hesketh Drive where there's the parade of shops.

We checked with the council and were told that "a councillor" had requested double yellow "no parking" lines and that, unknown to us, council officers had met and on road safety grounds had decided to press ahead with the idea, draw up plans and set in motion approval of the schemes.

Councillors David Rimmer and David Tattersall, who use the busy Post Office and other shops, pointed out that this would affect business and told the council to stop work. We successfully stopped them putting double yellow lines on both sides of the Carisbrooke Drive junction with Hesketh Drive, as this is in our Meols ward area.  There was a lull after we told the council that we were against the whole idea of any new no parking lines anywhere near the shops.

But we have recently been told that the scheme to put double lines on both sides at the opposite corner junction of Rookery Road/Hesketh Drive, which is in another ward area (Cambridge), is being put before the Southport Area Committee on March 31st. 

All the shops we have spoken to are against the plan.  While the decision will have to be taken by the councillors in Cambridge ward, we shall argue at the meeting that any parking restrictions will affect the businesses.

On the one hand the council says they want to help small businesses and at the same time take steps to make life more difficult for them.

Rookery Road is a cul-de-sac with only 28 houses.  There have been no accidents at this junction and parking restrictions will inconvenience people who want to use the shops and reduce parking opportunities.