John Dodd concerned about risk of increased flooding

A proposal to cut back on pumping water from low lying areas between Southport, Ormskirk and Formby is a major worry to local residents, says Lib Dem Councillor John Dodd. The Environment Agency are proposing to cut back on pumping at some or all of the 13 pumping stations draining the low lying areas around Southport.
Cllr John Dodd (left) and Cllr Simon Shaw  

Cllr Dodd said: “Within living memory we have had flooding of some homes in Crossens from the pumped watercourses, so this is an issue of serious concern.  I think it is unacceptable that the Environment Agency are only holding two consultation sessions for members of the public, one in Formby and one on Halsall.”

“The Crossens Pumping Station is one the two main facilities for the whole catchment area and there is talk of reducing capacity there.  It is essential that there is at least one more drop-in session for residents living in the northern end of Southport.”

Cllr Dodd has raised his concerns with Cllr Simon Shaw (Lib Dem), Cabinet Member Environmental for Sefton Council.

Cllr Shaw said: “I very much agree that there need to be further public meetings so that residents can get answers to their questions.  I fact, I have already been raised my concerns with the Environment Agency.”

“From what I have been told, if this proposal were to go through, it seems that the main impact would be on farmland and that’s a major issue in itself.  In simple terms, what is being suggested is a different approach involving much less pumping and more allowing watercourses to overflow onto flood plains in rural areas.”

“It is obviously crucial that councillors and concerned residents get some clear guarantees that this does not mean any greater risk of flooding in built up areas.”

There is a consultation session at Halsall, next Tuesday (1 November) from 1.00pm to 6.30pm at Halsall Memorial Hall.